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The software driving your 3d printer


What is Repetier-Host


If you have a 3d printer, you need to feed it with data. The typical workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a 3d model and export it in stl format or get it from the internet.
  2. Arrange one or more models on a virtual print plate.
  3. Slice the  the models into thin slices and compute a path for printer head. This is done by a slicing software, which converts the model into g-code, the language your printer speaks.
  4. Check the created g-code for errors and printability.
  5. Send the g-code to your printer or copy the code to a sd card, which you can insert into your printer.
  6. Monitor your printer.

Except for point 1 the host offers everything you need. As you will see, the host interface offers different tabs to guide you easily through the workflow.

Table of content

Installation and configuration

Fill your print bed


G-code editor

Manual control

Repetier-Informer App

Special Documentations

Repetier-Host 0.95F Manual (Chinese)


Here we show how to program your own plugins for Repetier-Host: