Technical Support

If you have any problems with Repetier software, you should first visit our forum or the RepRap forum for general questions or operating and installation problems. We have troubleshooting pages for our Repetier-Host and for our Repetier-Firmware.

If you can’t find any help on these pages, you can open a new threat or contact our support via the following support form. Your question should include:

  • With which Repetier product you have a problem?
  • Which software version are you using? (We support only the latest version. If you use an older version, update your software and check if the error has been corrected.)
  • Operating system type and version
  • Detailed error description
  • Steps to reproduce the error
  • Attach required files including configuration files to reproduce the error.
  • If the error occurs during printing, with which printer you work?

To contact our support, please chose:

Questions or Problems for Use and Installation

Repetier creates free software for 3D printers, which is continuously developed and downloaded thousands of times. Unfortunately, the support effort takes more and more time. This time we miss for further development. To be able to offer personal support to our free software, please understand that we expect a donation of € 9.99 for this. On the one hand we do not receive requests that are already answered on our support pages, on the other hand, we get only requests from people who appreciate our work. Many answers can be found in our forum, reprap forum and on our troubleshooting pages for our Repetier-Host and for our Repetier-Firmware.

Please make first a Support-Donation. After we receive your donation, we will contact you as soon as possible and help you to solve your problem.

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Bug Reports & Feature Requests

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