Repetier-Host Translations

Installing new translations

Repetier-Host comes now with internationalization support. Currently quite some languages are supported, but with your help and the help of other users, the number of languages may increase fast.

Create a new translation

Go to <install directory>/Repetier-Host/data/translations and copy the en.xml translation file to the name for your language. Naming should use the 2 character iso naming scheme.

Open the new file with a UTF-8 capable editor and translate the text. Always make sure to use UTF-8 encoding when saving the data.


  • Only add newlines, when the original has them, too.
  • Each term has a version number. This is the version from the original file you translated. Give your translation the same version. That way you can follow which terms have changed since last translation.
  • If you correct or complete a translation from someone other, you can add your name in the author attribute by appending your name separated by a semicolon “;”.

Test translation

Copy the new translation into the translations folder and restart Repetier-Host. Go through the menus and windows and check if everything fits and has the meaning you thought it should have. If some translations do not fit and no shorter translation is possible, make a note and send it with the translation. I will see if I can move some components to get the space.

Submit translation

If you are happy with your translation, make other users happy by submitting your translation. I will add it on this page and include it in the next release. Send new files to With sending the file to me, you consent to include it under the apache 2 licence.