Custom Repetier-Host

Get the Repetier-Host with your own branding and improve your printer experience with plug & print! – Just install Repetier-Host with your drivers, plug your printer and enjoy printing.

You are a printer vendor and you want to provide a specialized version of our Repetier-Host version to your customers? No problem, we offer this service if your ad  support reaches a certain level.

Our offer for customization for Repetier-Host

If you want a customized version version of Repetier-Host for Windows
we can offer them for the following conditions:

You become an ad supporter for min. 99 EUR/month for at least one year and you get
a customized version for Windows – this offer does not include VAT.

Your advantages:

  • Get a digitally signed Repetier-Host with your own branding.
  • Get listet as distributor of your Host in “About Us”.
  • Your drivers and all printer, slicer and filament settings are already included, your customers get a PLUG & PRINT EXPERIENCE.
  • Less support questions and satisfied customers with your predefined presets.
  • No personnel and hardware costs for expensive software development.
  • With constant updates the software remains always up to date as long as your support continues.
  • You get banner ads on our homepage to show you are an official supporter and get high quality visitors for your website.

What customizations are possible

Digital Signed Installer

For better trust and to detect changes by trojans or viruses we sign our installers, so Windows 8 users have no problems installing the software. When someone modifies the installer, the certificate gets invalid.

Setup Wizard

Your setup will of course contain your name, so the user directly knows, he is installing the right version for your printer(s).

Of course we can also include your driver installer, if you have one. If you have an unsigned driver, we can sign it for you, so Windows 8 users will get no problems.

The Host

A splash screen shown at startup with some picture of your printer or what ever you want to show there. Size something around 500×400 pixel. Different sizes are possible.

  • A name appended or prepended to the Repetier-Host String in the main window as well as to the installation folder and registry folder.
  • An additional help button “Ask xyz” in the help menu and if you send a 32×32 pixel png with transparency also in the toolbar.
  • Up to 5 additional links in help menu.
  • Optional listing as distributor for your own version.
  • Predefined settings for your printer configuration.
  • Predefined slicer configuration. We need 2 folders for the Slic3r and Skeinforge configuration you want to have bundled. These files are written only if there are no files with the same name present. That way user changes do not get overwritten.
  • You can show a gcode on the first and only first startup to offer something to print in the first run. Give us a copy of the gcode and it will be loaded on first start. After that it is part of the history and can be loaded until it vanishes from history.
  • You can also offer an image shown on the first run with some important instructions. This is also only shown on the first run or if the user clicks on First instuctions in the help menu. There you could show how to connect and start the first print.
  • Remove the power button from manual control.
  • Remove Skeinforge from Host.

All options are optional, no need to take them all.

Extra Customization for a Perfect Branding

Since Repetier-Host version 1.5 we have the opportunity to change the program icons to your own icons and to use your icon as desktop icon. You can also set your logo in the about us window. We have to change these icons for each update manually, so we offer this for 50,- EUR / month extra with annual payment.

As a special bonus, you can choose the program name freely. Repetier-Host must no longer occur in the program name, so you get a perfect branding.

Individual Functions

Since version 0.95 we use a plugin architecture. This allows us to add additional menue points with special functions. This service is not included in the standard price for a custom host, but we can offer this to an individual rate. If you are interrested, please contact us with a description of your wanted feature.

How to Get

Go to the order page and fill out the order form. For “Support per month” select “99 EUR (Customised Windows host version free incl.)” and a duration of one year. You can upload your banners directy. After payment our support contacts you and tells you which data are required for the customized host. It’s not much work for you. Mainly the data you have have set for your printer, your slicer profiles and the links, splashscreen, driver installer and answers to the options. When we get all required data, you will normally get your customized host within one week.