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Currently We develop and support three software packages for 3d printer. All software is completely free and is becoming more and more popular, increasing the time needed for support. To keep up the work we need your support. The good thing becoming popular is, that we also see increasing number of visitors. Up to now we have a Google Page Rank 5. That lead to this idea:

Support the project and get a advertisement for it. Our target audience for this are professional companies in the 3d printer world. If you belong to one of these you already profit from free software like this. Double the profit with some ads for very qualified audience. You even get a bill for your tax office.

The supported money will be used to increase the time for development to make the software and documentation better and better.

How does it work

Design a leaderboard banner with 728×90 pixel and a standard banner with 468×60 pixel. Use the form below to send the banner, the link target, data needed for the bill and the amount and duration for your support. We will send you a reminder before your support ends, so you can extend it at the end. We check your data and send you a confirmation mail with required data for payment. Please be patient for this mail – we do this manually so it doesn’t come immediately! After payment we enable your banner and show it in rotation with all other supporter.

Why different prices for a month

Advertisement budget is different for different companies. Some are small and can’t afford higher support. As a benefit for companies with higher support, we give the banner different weights based on the support level.

How many impressions do we get

We can’t assure any number of impressions. Considering the qualified users we have, we think the prices are justified. And after all it is the support you pay for, the ads are our thank you to reward your support 🙂

VAT handling

The prices are excluding VAT. Depending on your country and if you are a company or private person, the vat added changes.

  • Private persons: This is only for business 2 business. Use the normal donate button to support us.
  • German companies: We add 19% VAT.
  • EU Companies with VAT-Id: According to reverse-charge-regulation you have to pay the vat yourself.
  • Other countries: According to your laws you have to pay vat yourself or not.

Ad & Support Registration

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