Repetier-Server Download

What is Repetier-Server

Repetier-Server is a multi-printer multi-connection printer server to handle the communication with 3d printer. Design targets were:

  • Small memory usage. Should run on a Raspberry PI with 256MB RAM. Handles one printer with 5MB of memory regardless of the print size.
  • Cache print files on disk to allow any size of print. You can print a 3GB file on a pi with 256MB RAM.
  • Stable. The server itself should only handle the communication. No fancy gui, no 3d visualization.
  • Good connectivity. The server is controlled over a http connection to the build-in web server. This allows a connection from anywhere you like if you have a connection to that computer.
  • Simple web interface to add models and manage the printer.
  • Allow multiple connections to one printer.
  • Can handle many printer at once with minimal memory usage.
  • Low cpu usage.


The software is quite new. The best you can do is use the current sources from gitub from

For linux this is an easy task if you follow the INSTALL.txt instuctions.

Versions prior 0.24 had a memory leak. Please update if you are using an older version!

Binary distributions

I’m currently in the process of creating an installer for each os. Please be patient if you want the easy way:-)

Raspberry PI

If you have only 256MB RAM you can not compile the sources. Use the latest binary on a Debian Wheezy installation. Follow the install.txt instructions.


Coming soon. The code to run it as a service is not finished yet.

Mac OS X

Coming soon. Compiles with xcode if you need it now.



Version 0.22

  •  ASCII mode now works properly. Important for non-Repetier firmware.
  • Reconnect of a printer now works properly. No server restart required.

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